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Amazon can ship internationally to just about every country around the world. The one catch is that they cant ship every item they stock to every single country.

Amazon International ShippingThe distribution of some items are restricted by the manufacturer and many countries block particular imports from entering their country.

Through the AmazonGlobal program Amazon can even estimate the duties and taxes you would pay shipping items to many popular countries and collect that as part of the checkout procedure.

Many people spend significant time researching and selecting items on the Amazon website only to find out when they checkout that the item that will not ship to their country. Sometimes people incorrectly assume that Amazon will not ship a specific category or any items at all to their address.

Select your country from the menu above and we will show you five steps to make shopping on Amazon from your home country painless and frustration free.

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Amazon will ship books, dvd’s, clothing, shoes, watches, electronics and electrical items to virtually anywhere in the world.

Amazon International Shipping

International Shipping

Amazon offer a range of international shipping options including standard and expedited shipping and priority courier.

Cannot Ship Item
to Your Address

If  you are sick of seeing this error when you checkout then follow our 5 simple steps for shopping on Amazon from outside the USA .

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Even with International Shipping costs included purchasing items from Amazon can result in massive savings around the world.

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Shop from just about anywhere around the world online at, the world’s largest online retailer.  You can save substantially by importing items from Amazon USA over your local bricks and mortar and online stores.

Amazon International Shipping

Amazon offers three international shipping options including standard shipping for books and dvd’s, expedited shipping for most things and lastly the ultra fast but expensive international priority courier.

If you need it in a hurry then priority shipping is a great options but it will eat into the savings you are getting by importing items from Amazon to your own country.

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